Timetable in UMS

You now have the option to view your timetable in our UMS Portal ..

In order to see your timetable in UMS you need to follow the following instructions ..


You can access UMS by going to this url :-


You need to logon with the username and password that have been given to you by your teacher or student counselor. Remember to add “EASJ\” in front of your username.

Your username is identical to your UNI-login, which is also used in Office 365.

Your username and password are also used to access the wireless network (read more about wireless networks here).



Once you are logged in, click on the "Timetable" button as shown below.


On the picture below can you see how your timetable will look like in UMS.



The 4 buttons marked with a red box are different views of your timetable.

The first button is "Daily view"
The second button is "Timetable view (Monday - Friday)
The third button is "Weekly view"
The fourth button "Monthly view"