Print on macOS

If you are going to install one of our printers on Zealand, you need to install the printer driver first.
Download the printer driver here.


Mac OS X v10.5 or newer:

Click on the Apple logo on the topmenu and choose “System Preferences”.


Under System Preferences, click on “Printers & Scanners”


Under Printers & Scanners, right click on the empty grey space next to the Printer icon named Windows and chose “Customize Toolbar”


Once the Toolbar is open, hold and drag the “Advanced icon” to the menu, like shown on the picture below.


When the Advanced icon is placed on the menu, click on it, and it will search for printers.


When it finishes click on “Advanced” again and under the “Type dropdown” menu choose “Windows printer via spools”

Under DEVICE write “Another Device” 

Under URL you have to write



Under NAME write a printer name, so you will be able to know which printer you're printing to. 


Now click on the USE dropdown menu and choose “Select Software”


When the printer software popup box is open, search for "7855" and choose the printer named

"Xerox WorkCentre 7855" and click “OK”


Now the printer is installed ;)


When you are printing for the first time, a login box will appear. Here you have to type in ur username and password. Remember to write “easj\” before your username and remember also to tick the “Remember this password  in my keychain” box and click “OK”.