Wireless network on macOS

In order to use the Zealands network, you need to connect your unit to the “ZEALAND” network. Once you have connected to the wireless network you need to login before you can use the intra- and internet.

Important! Remember that your unit must be configured to use DHCP for both IP-address and DNS-servers.
If you have static addresses added in your IP-address and/or DNS-server settings, then you will not be able to connect to the wireless network.

Open a web browser and go to and enter your "EASJ" e-mail and password (additional information in the Self-service section). Remember that your unit will be logged off the wireless network after 15 minutes, if the unit goes into sleep mode or disconnects from the wireless network. If your unit gets disconnected, then simply open a new web browser and login again.


If you want your unit to automatically log onto the wireless network then you need to connect it to the network “ZEALAND-SECURE”.

You only need to enter your "EASJ" e-mail and password the first time you connect.



Subsequently you only have to reenter your password if you ever change it.