Self-service / Reset your password

Your access to the self-service on Zealand is via UMS, which can be found at

You need to logon with the username and password that have been given to you by your teacher or student counselor. Remember to add “EASJ\” in front of your username. Your username is identical to your UNI-login, which is also used in Office 365. Your username and password are also used to access the wireless network (read more about wireless networks here).

Once you have logged onto UMS then you need to register your cellphone number via the menu item “Mobile number”.

After you have registered your cellphone number you can chose not to receive SMS-news from the institute – tag the item “I do NOT want to receive SMS's from the school.” if that is the case. Additionally you now have the option to reset your password via SMS.

Should you ever change cellphone number then remember to update UMS with your new number.   





You have the option to change your default password, however the new password has to be different from the 5 previous passwords you have used and consist of minimum 9 digits, including minimum one number, a capital letter , a lower case letter and one character.:

  • If you are logged onto UMS then click the menu item “Change your password” and enter a new password.
  • If you are not logged onto UMS then click “Change your password” on the front page. Here you have to enter your username and your old password, plus your new password.


If you change your password via UMS then Office365 will also change accordingly. There is a 15 minutes delay, before Office365 works with your changed password.

Forgotten password

If you have lost or otherwise forgotten your password, you will be able to obtain a new one in either of the following ways:

  • If you have registered your cellphone number in UMS then simply send an SMS with the word: “Password” to the number: 5076 2710. Within a few minutes you will receive an SMS containing your username and a new password.
  • Contact the student administration or your teacher and ask them to reset your password.
  • Contact the local it-support and ask them to reset your password.

Important! Remember that you must show valid ID if you contact the it-support. This includes either a driver’s license or “student ID”.