Create a Lynda Account

Go to:


Fill out the email box with your student email address. You can only create a account if you have a school email which ends with For instance your email address will look like this -

After entering your school email address, klik on "Submit" and will now send you a activation email to your school email.

BE AWARE! You only have 7 days to finish your registration, after this deadline the link will expire and you will need to restart the process.


Now you need to login to your school email,, and open the activation mail from and click on "Follow this link"


After clicking on "Follow this link" will you be asked if you allready have a account of if you want to create a new account. Clik on "NO" and then click on "Continue"


In this windows you will be asked to enter your firstname, lastname and a password

In the Campus menu, choose which Campus you are on, and under "Start as course" chose which semester you started your course.

Clik on "Continue" and you are done ;)





Go to and click on the "Log in" button.






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