Get started with Zoom

Start by downloading the Zoom client from the following links:

Mac OS


When the download is complete, click on the file to install Zoom on your device.

As soon as the application is installed, Zoom should start automatically.


 When the application has opened, you will be met by the following window:

Here you are have to click on “Sign In”


Then click on "Sign In with SSO"


In this window, type in Zealand’s Zoom URL (Zealand), as shown in the image below and then click “Continue”


You should now see Zealand’s “yellow” sign-in window, which is also used when signing into Ia. Moodle.

Here you are to use your “EASJ” username and password and then proceed by clicking “Sign In”



If you see the following window, you just have to click “Open Zoom” (Only in Chrome)



When you see this window, it means that you are signed in to Zoom.